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    My letter to different scientists, English version



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    My letter to different scientists, English version

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    A Different View of „Restless Genital Syndrome“ or „Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder“

    Before starting this article I want to say, I'm neither a scientist nor a physician. I myself am a 62 years old woman and suffer from RGS since seven years.

    In May 2015 I read an article about RGS in the journal „Gehirn und Geist“ here in Germany. In this article it was told a little bit about Prof Waldinger's and Dr. Goldmeier's research and the difficult problem they are engaged with.

    Of course I had a look at the internet and found articles about RGS and in the meantime a lot of websites where women and in the also men describe their terrible feelings and all their medical investigations and medications to find a way out of this situation. Until that time I didn't know that there is scientific research on this problem and that there are reports from patients in the internet.

    From the beginning of my own suffering I knew that there was no concrete physical reason of that what happened to me, on the contrary, I felt fit and very well at that time, when one night it suddenly started. I know that because of the circumstances I was living in during this time. So I didn't search for scientific information because I was sure there was no research and  nobody would believe me. And, most of all, from the first moment I felt that these feelings were not my „real sexual“ feelings. I felt that in „some way“ these feelings were strange, and for me not known in this way, up to this start. From the beginning I felt a lot of pain and sometimes my tears were running down, but this pain was not „real“, I didn't feel it concretely in the body. It is difficult to explain, but it felt like a thin veil in my vagina and in the pelvic floor in which the pain came and passed by. But, I must say, the sexual feelings and the pain in the clitoris and in the nervus pudendus sometimes were “unreal” and sometimes very physically and they also came and passed by. I also know these feelings in the clitoris to be on the verge on getting an orgasm. Without knowing anything, soon I called these feelings by myself "phantom feelings", because they had this other kind of operation in my body.

    I know scientists only believe what they can see or can measure. Nevertheless I decided now to write, hoping they are open for another view and perhaps even open to overtake new thoughts of what RGS (and with it RLS and an irritated bladder) could be. Perhaps my explanations will be very strange, but I will try it. I'm quite sure medicine has to start to think in a new way.

    First I want to tell what was the last drop to fill up the bottle and which moved me to write.
    Some months ago I saw a scientific film on TV about the intestine and its same neurons as in the brain. In this report the scientists made different experiences and in this context finally they asked, if there is an „energetic anatomy“ in the human body? They had cured an irritated intestine by a new form of acupuncture. In this way they affected the firing neurons in the intestine and the patient's pain stopped. This question is the reason why I try to inform researchers and why I have a
    serious answer. Surely it brings more questions than solutions and it makes the subject more difficult.

    So I want to tell about an energy too, especially „Kundalini Energy“ which is well known in the East; the correct name is "Kundalini Shakti". Maybe you have heard that in the West Yoga, and most of all „Kundalini Yoga“, is on fashion. People who work with Kundalini Yoga have a clear target, and that is to „awake“ or better said to activate or to release this energy.

    The East knows very well that you need this energy during meditation, finally to reach the state of enlightenment. The way to enlightenment leads through different altered states of consciousness. During this way the nervous system has to be transformed, so that the brain can reach and hold this highest state of consciousness. This way through the different states of consciousness is not possible without „Kundalini Energy“. It is the job of this energy to force trance states in the brain. For me the state of consciousness of enlightenment is not a mystical affair but a very deep change of the brain, the neurotransmitters, the hormones and the nervous system at all. To explain it in scientific words, it is a highly dissociated state.

    So I want to write about three topics with a very new hypothesis what RGS and PGAD could be.

    The Philosophy of „Kundalini Energy“ and the Science We Know
    Sexuality in Altered States of Consciousness
    The Research of Trauma

    The Philosophy of “Kundalini Energy” and the Science We Know

    First please let me shortly explain the philosophy of this energy, because I think a short look at it is necessary to understand the whole context what I'm thinking about RGS.

    The teachings say, „Kundalini Shakti “ is a „serpent“ which „sleeps“ between the perineum and the coccyx, or as also called in the East, in the „First Chakra“. If she „awakes“ she rises up through the central channel of the spinal cord to reach some time the pinal gland in the brain and after that with the pituitary gland the state of enlightenment. She runs through so called „Nadis“, energetic channels in the „energetic anatomy“. Likewise involved in this activation are two „Nadis“, running beside the spinal cord and they are called „Ida“ and „Pingala“. Later I will come back to these two „Nadis“. I write „she“ because this energy wears the female and creating aspect of the universe.
    On her way up to the brain it is her job to „clean“ the energy body or better let us call it the „energetic anatomy“. That's why the phenomenons are so terrible. This energy climbs quickly up from her „sleeping place“ in the perineum/coccyx to the genital area, or how the East calls it to the „Second Chakra“. Of course this energy works from the beginning of her run in the whole „energetic anatomy“, but wherever she finds blockages, she has a difficult effect on the nervous system and produces different phenomenons. She is our sexual energy, our life energy.
    This is a very short description of a complicated system of a powerful energy which really exists.
    The East doesn't tell fairy tales and I think we have to learn to think in another way, if we want to try to understand what is happening to the women and of course also to the men with RGS or PGAD and perhaps to people with pudendal neuralgia too??

    Now let us come over to the very little science we know.
    In the 1970/80 years  of the last century, an American psychiatrist and eye specialist, Dr. Lee Sannella, started research and wrote a book „Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence“ and made a clear distinction. His friend, Itzhak Bentov, wrote the book „Stalking The Wild Pendulum“ and had a first idea, what Kundalini scientifically could be. So he called it the „Physio-Kundalini-Syndrom"
    because the Phenomenons can start in every part of the body. Shortly explained he says „Kundalini Energy“ starts as a staying wave in the aorta, the waves are becoming more and more and finally the motor cortex and the sensory cortex are stimulated over the ventricles.
    Along the „homunculus“ the cortexes are stimulated. That could be a hypothesis, why some people have stinging, tingle or pain in the toes (often in the left thick toe) or feet, why they have restless legs and why they also have tingle and other sensations in the body. He also made first measurements with meditating people with possible "Kundalini" activities outside their heads and could establish changes.
    Unfortunately Bentov's research stopped because he died by an airplane crash in 1981.

    I emphasize this was a first hypothesis, nearly 40 years ago. Today science knows much more about the brain and the nervous system, and so today I am sure, RGS is a process of the autonomous nervous system conditioned by an energy.
    Please let me explain, why I think in this way. I observed myself very well, as well as I never had to observe my sexual life. So I noticed that I could feel the different areas of the genitals very concretely. I can distinguish if the feelings are in the clitoris, in the vagina, at the nervus pudendus or at the pelvic floor. The sexual feelings and in my case also the terrible pain, change from one area to the other. But I also noticed, I was not „really“ sexually aroused in my genitals. Sometimes the feelings changed in a real physical sexual arousal but I felt it in the whole body and not alone in my genitals. I also noticed, that I was wet in an extreme way, as I said, normaly without arousal. Why happened that, when I wasn't “really” aroused? This factor other women describe too, as I could find it explained by physicians who are researching.

    Violet Matthews the provider of the American site: http.//www.pudendalhope.com  writes in 2013:

    “What are the symptoms of PGAD
    In women, a feeling of sexual arousal in the clitoris, labia, and vagina (in one or all of these areas) that may be accompanied by excessive vaginal wetness.”

    Then I have found something very interesting, I felt since a long time but I couldn't explain exactly. I knew very soon that this all is a very traumatizing situation, because I didn't sleep anymore. So for me sometimes, after reading trauma research, it was clear that the great vagus nerve is involved and that RGS is a great systemic problem of the whole body. Not a  long time ago I have read the following about the vagus nerve in the internet, where Jana Dixon tries to explain the biology of “Kundalini Energy”:

    "Scientists are investigating the existence of non-genital orgasms suggesting a more pervasive orgasmic process and its role in neuroendocrine and psychological health. There are vaginocervical sensory pathways to the brain that can produce the absence of pain without loss of consciousness (analgesia), release oxytocin, and bypass the spinal cord via the vagus nerve. That is a paraplegic woman can still have cervical and G spot orgasms because the vagina is fed by the vagus nerve while the clitoris by nerves that come out of the spine. This gives weight to the necessity of sexual intercourse for maintaining healthy balance of the nervous system. Also there might be something to the validity of having sex during an awakening to help the parasympathetic nervous system to maintain its own. Orgasm has been described as a mini-seizure of the limbic system and tends to release or lessen deep limbic activity. Dr Amen noticed that depression, sadness, feelings of hopelessness, and automatic negative thoughts correlate with a hyperactive limbic area. The supplements that seem to help limbic hyperactivity best are DL-phenylalanine (DLPA), L-tyrosine, and S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe).”
    When I have read this for me it was clear why women (in the moment I only write about women, because the physiology of men in this context for me is not so clear) have spontaneous orgasms or contractions of the vagina, and why orgasms don't bring satisfaction.
    These orgasms do not happen over the normal way of sexuality, these orgasms happen over the autonomous nervous system, over a special way of the vagus nerve. That's why sexuality doesn't stop in the way we are used to. That is also the reason, why an orgasm doesn't stop the feelings and doesn't bring satisfaction. The autonomous nervous system is powered by every orgasm more and more and so makes the feelings worse. That means, sexuality powers the phenomenons. That is more than a great problem, that is a disaster.
    So we were also able to explain, why some women tell about their wetness. If the vagina and with it the G – Point and the cervix are stimulated by the vagus nerve again and again, it could be possible that the woman ejaculates not alone during  a clear felt orgasm and that she produces the wetness, normaly necessary for intercourse, all the time.
    This could be an explanation too why other women talk about these “phantom feelings” too, about this “in another way felt sexuality”, most of all in the vagina and at the pelvic floor. A lot of women are talking about foreign body sensations in the vagina, or as Violet Matthews writes in the list of the symptoms: “In women, a feeling of vaginal penetration”. That is a typical sign of sensations, produced by the autonomous nervous system, as we know from trauma research.
    Finally it could explain, why Violet Matthews writes: “Spontaneous orgasms (including numerous spontaneous orgasms that may come in waves)”. The autonomous nervous system works and works, it doesn't “know”, that it has to stop, because it is conditioned by an energy, perhaps it is hyper-conditioned.
    This all means, the autonomous nervous system is conditioned in a new way, similar the condition in trauma patients, who experience special mental phenomenons.

    We may not forget the high level of Oxytocine release during orgasm. If there are serious  changes, they could also be responsible for spontanous, multiple oragsms and for the feelings to be on the verge on getting an orgasm. I believe that Oxytocine plays a big role, because it is produced by the pituitary gland, the place the East says where enlightenment is happening. In the meantime it is well
    known that it is produced in traumatizing situations, when "fight or flight" doesn't work anymore. The patients can't flight from these terrible feelings.

    Wikipedia also writes in a similiar way like Jana Dixon:

    „In einer Studie, welche von R. Richter, dem leitenden Urologen am Zentrum für Rückenmarkverletzte in Halle,[34] in einem Brief an die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Spina Bifida und Hydrocephalus e. V. (ASbH e. V.[35]) veröffentlicht worden ist, wird von querschnittgelähmten Frauen berichtet, die trotz totaler primärer Gefühllosigkeit imstande waren, Penetration
    wahrzunehmen. Ob dies durch eine Reizweiterleitung durch die Stimulation der Gebärmutter oder auf anderem Wege geschieht, ist nicht geklärt.
    Barry R. Komisaruk, Neurowissenschaftler an der Rutgers University in New Jersey, untersuchte Fälle, in denen Frauen ohne genitale Reize einen Orgasmus erleben können. Unter anderem bezog er sich auf querschnittgelähmte Frauen, die durch die Stimulation von Nacken, Schultern oder Rücken mittels eines Vibrators einen Orgasmus erleben konnten. Das Besondere an einem solchen Orgasmus sei die Aussparung des Rückenmarks, das ansonsten für die entsprechende Reizweiterleitung an das Gehirn sorge. Stattdessen laufe die Übermittlung hier über den Vagus. Aus den Forschungsergebnissen könnten sich nach seiner Ansicht neue Wege erschließen in der Behandlung von sexuellen Empfindungsstörungen sowie anderen Störungen in der viszeralen Körperempfindung bei Personen mit Rückenmarksverletzungen.“


    I try a tranlation:
    In a study that has been published by R. Richter, senior urologist at the Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries in Halle, in a letter to the Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus e.V., is reported of paraplegic women who, despite total primary numbness, were able to perceive penetration. Whether this is done by an impulse conduction through the stimulation of the uterus or on other ways is not related.
    Barry R. Komisaruk, neuro scientist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, examined cases in which women can experince orgasm without genital stimulation. Among other things, he reffered to praraplegic women who could experience orgasm by stimulation of their neck, shoulders or back by a vibrator. What makes such an orgasm special, is the recess of the spinal cord, which cares otherwise for the corresponding impuls transmission to the brain. Instead the transmission  here runs on the Vagus. From the results of the research, in his view new paths could be opened for the treatment of sexual sensation disorders as well as other disorders in the visceral body sensation in persons with spinal cord injuries“

    Stimulation of the neck, shoulders and back to reach an orgasm! The East calls this way of the vagus nerve the third, fourth and fith Chakra. There have to be plexi stimulating sexuality and pain feelings in the genital area too. It is said in the East „Kundalini Energy“ activates the Chakras and cleans them. In the cases of the research with paraplegic women the vibrator stimulated the sexual system, in the case of the patients with RGS this energy stimulates the sexual system, unfortunately she over-stimulates all the time.
    The great question is, is there a special stimulation from the autonomous nervous system to the nervus pudendus in the sacrum and with it to the clitoris and the penis. This would be a second impulse to force sexuality and pain over the central nervous system too. Perhaps it could be an answer, why the sexual feelings often are so torturing and pain is developing.

    Dr. Bonnie Greenwell a transpersonal therapist and one of the most famous Western Kundalini experts wrote about 25 years ago her book: „Energies of Transformation. A Guide to Kundalini Process". Until today it is highly topical. She has interviewed 2000 persons with „Kundalini activities“. It is well known that these activities can cause intense sexual feelings. She also writes about the different sexual experiences human beeings can have during this process:

    "Some people tell about occasionally or often orgasms without any outer stimulus."
    (Greenwell, dt. Ausgabe, S. 409)

    So I ask: Is there “another sexual System” in human beings than our well known sexuality working by the autonomous nervous system, and which changes the feelings, how often described by the women? Is there a separate “vagal sexual system” in human beings?

    In this context I better understood the teachings of the “Chakras” in the East. The vagus nerve leaves the brain, runs to the throat and the larynx (5. Chakra) and down to the heart and diaphragma (4. Chakra), to the solar plexus (3. Chakra) and through the stomach to the genitals and to the perineum (2. or Sakral Chakra and 1. Chakra). It is well  known that “Kundalini Energy” doesn't only arise from the sacrum to the brain, but that it is a circulation and so she runs upwards from the brain through the “Chakras” to the genitals over the vegetative nervous system.  That means, this energy stimulates the whole nervous system. Yoga means nothing more than to learn to rule the autonomous nervous system and finally to control all emotions by “training” this nervous system.

    I have found a very old book from the twenties of the last century. The author, Dr. Vasant Rele, tries a first scientific erxplanation of „Kundalini Energy“. I want to quote from his book, what he is writing to the above named Nadis „Ida“ and „Pingala“

    „Location of the Ida and Pingala Nadis

    The first is Ida, the location of which is on the left side of the Mer-danda i.e. the spinal column and ends in the right nostril. The second is Pingala which is on the right side of the spinal column and ends in the left nostril. From the description, it seems that these „nadis“ cross each other before their respective endings and have their origins, or mouth as it is called, in the plexus of nerves called „Muladhara-cakra“ which is situated in Mulastana, that is, the perineum. According to our present knowledge, I think that the Muladhara-cakra is the Pelvic plexus of the sympathic system. From this description of the nadis, it appears that Ida and Pingala are the gangliated cords of the sympathic system, which we know to be situated on each side of the spinal column; at the cephalic end, each sympathic trunk passes into the cranial cavity and they arborise with each other, forming a plexus and thereby from complex relations with the spinal cord (Known as Susumna nadi) where it joins the brain. This plexus is called in Yogic literature „Bhrukuti-Cakra“. At the caudal end, the two symathetic trunks join together by fine filaments with the pelvic plexus.“

    (Vasant G. Rele „Mysterious Kundalini“, P. 24)

    Perhaps this is the energetic way of the „second sexuality“ of human beings, because, as said above, „Kundalini Energy“ is our sexual energy and with it our creating energy.

    Here are some examples why this hypothesis could be right. One women in a German forum has written that she had difficulty swallowing too. It is the point of the thyroid gland and the larynx, or as said above of the so called „5. Chakra“. And in this area where the vagus nerve controls swallowing and other reactions like breathing. By the way, in Yoga the work with the tongue is a very important training. Another woman tells about pain near the heart or the so called „4.Chakra“. I'm very sure, both are healthy and have no disorders. This energy has activated not only the genital area but the higher areas of the autonomous nervous system too. I myself sometimes have problems with breathing when waking up in bed. It feels like my throat shuts and I can't breath anymore. At the beginning of this activity I often had spasms at the diaphragma until sometimes today, and I often feel a heavy crack in my left nostril. But I have read about very serious disorders too, like numbness in the legs, the genital nerves from the sacrum run downward to the knees, and nerve problems all over the body.

    Everyone who has experienced a „Kundalini Process“ knows about the great difficulties and the deep traumatizing situation. This „energetic anatomy“ works in the whole body, at once, from one second to the other. Some people feel it in the whole body, some only in parts of it. Typically are vibrations in the feet, in the legs, at the perineum and coccyx and most of all at the sacrum and then up the spinal column; especially in these points, the East calls „Chakras“. That's why the patients have great problems with their coccyx, their sacrum and with their whole  back. There is a real work of a real energy. Some people have terrible pain in the body, for example in the heart, without any bodily diagnosis. Some have great mental problems and deep trance states, some have involuntary movements of the body, the East calls them „Kryas“. That all happens over years.
    Until today the literature tells about all these phenomenons, but it doesn't tell exactly about the phenomenons in the genitals which can happen as sexual arousal, as pain, as all the feelings the patients describe.

    I think there are some reasons why there are only writings about the mysticism and the way of this energy to enlightenment. First, in Yoga literature a fixation of this energy in the genital area means that she can't arise and enlightenment can't be reached. A human being is fixed in the material world (the 1. and 2. Chakras are the material Chakras) and stays in the material desires; one of these desires is sexuality. I don't assess this statement. Later I think, women telling about these phenomenons have been burned as witches or called obsessed. I'm sure that could be one reason for a lot of exorcisms which have been done to women. In the last 200 hundred years women talking about these terrible feelings have been declared as hysterical, psychotic or having a bodily hallucination, or – the easiest way – they were nymphomaniacs. But most of all, women didn't talk about these genital phenomenons, because they were ashamed, as I could read in the forum until today. It lasted until the year 2001, when Dr. Leiblum published her first article about this terrible reaction of the nervous system.
    Most of the writers thought and think until today, this energy only arises from the sacrum to the head. This energy is always connected with enlightenment and so most of the writers are interested in the mental phenomenons.
    “Kundalini Energy”works everywhere in the body and where she finds blockages, she makes stress, and we don't know how long this stress will last and how really to treat it. That's also the reason why sometimes suddenly the phenomenons do stop.

    Dr. Sanella writes, there can be Kundalini activities only in a part of the body and not every activation will lead into enlightenment.

    I have often read that medications like Lyrixa/Gabapentin have been prescribed. These are medications used to treat epilepsy.
    Some authors write that „Kundalini“ is reserved to epilepsy. The (sacred) disease runs downward from the brain – often with mystical experinces – until the patient collapses on the floor. During „Kundalini“ experiences the human being is sitting on the floor in meditation and the energy runs upward to the brain, until mystical experiences arise. It could be possible that the process in the brain could be the same or similiar and that the temporal lobes are involved. That doesn't mean that
    Kundalini“ release is a disorder like epilepsy!

    Until today there is no Western translation what is this energy and what she is doing. It is clear that she offset the nervous system in a state of permanent excitement and that she makes highest demands on the autonomoues nervous system.

    Altered States of Consciousness
    Of course „Kundalini Serpent“ is a picture, a picture for a difficult transforming process in a human being and his nervous system. And it is a picture of an altered state of consciousness; a state of which Itzhak Bentov made his first measures.
    I think in the moment we know five great states of consciousness.
    1. Delta – deep sleep, coma
    2. Theta -  dream sleep, trance, deep meditation, hypnosis, normal state of consciousness in
                   little children
    3. Alpha – relaxed wakefulness with closed eyes
    4. Beta – waking consciousness with normal activity
    5. Gamma -  connection and integration of dates of our senses
    I am sure, the „Kundalini state“ is a separate state of consciousness initiated over the autonomous nervous system to direct and power a lot of other states. And it seems, this energy directs and intensifies sexuality and pain in these states. Why that?
    Some people write that these not sexual associated feelings are more pleasant when they sit down and relax. A woman wrote she couldn't stand up, because these feelings were changing in „a very pleasant way“ and she could reach multiple orgasms without touching only by contractions of her vagina. Nobody outside would see anything. This suggests an activity of the vagus nerve too, if there is no stimulation of the clitoris.

    Apart from the permanent working of the vagus nerve, this woman was fallen in trance, in a trance, which intensifies and simplifies sexual experiences. Some people report, to have orgasms during sleep or in the waking up state. I myself experienced high sexual arousal in this state with automatic  contractions of my vagina. I also observed that it was not a normal sexual arousal. The feelings were much more intensely. As more I came up into the Beta-state as less were the feelings until there was nothing more. The slowly waking up state is the same state of consciousness as a deep meditation trance state. So we can say, as deeper the state of consciousness, as more sensitive is the sexual arousal. It is well known, that sexuality drives into altered states of consciousness. In the case of GRS the permanent altered state of consciousness produced by this energy over the autonomous nervous system drives into permanent sexuality, first in „phantom sexuality“ and as deeper the trance state in deep sexual feelings, and unfortunately also in pain. As I explained above, this is pushed by the autonomous nervous system which seems to steer and intensify our sexuality in altered states of consciousness, and perhaps our pain too.
    Some physicians write that riding in the car or in the train strengthen the phenomenons. Of course, the slight seesaw of a car drives into another, deeper state of consciousness and so the feelings become stronger. It is the same reaction as in the waking up state in bed. As more the consciousness is in an altered state, as more the vagus nerve seems to be active. That is important in meditation where it is the job of "Kundalini Energy" to push this nerve but not in normal life when we have to do our work.

    So this is also the reason, why a lot of patients don't sleep anymore. On the one side are the sexual feelings and the pain, on the other side is the change of the state of consciousness, when patients try to relax and to sleep. Exactly this is the input for this energy to become active and to affect the nervous system to work, and so sleep is becoming a great problem. I think the greatest problem after the feelings, because too little sleep drives into serious disorders.

    This is nearly the form of sexuality people are practising in „Tantra Sex“. Today I can say they go into deep trance states by pushing their vagus nerve over their „energetic anatomy“ in meditation and by breathing techniques more and more. In these altered states of consciousness they are able to experience highest and most extreme sexual feelings with multiple orgasms until they have an orgasm in the whole body. I think, these people are working with their “vagal sexual system”. That's what Jana Dixon called above: “a more pervasive orgasmic process”.

    This is the way, some women are experiencing but often not by their will but tracked into trance states deeper and deeper in which happens a total spontaneous sexuality without any outer stimulus.
    Today, with all my observations, I can say our sexuality is much more than we experience in our normal sex life. Sexuality changes extremely if we are in altered states of consciousness, and it seems it is overtaken by the vagus nerve.

    Jana Dixon writes a capitel she names "Supra Sex". Unfortunaterly the state of enlightenment in the West is done into mysticsm. In scientific words enlightenment is a dissociation, an extreme dissociation. To reach these dissociations we need our sexual energy (Kundalini Energy) which leads us more and more in deeper dissociations and on this way intensifies and dissociates our sexuality, i.e. she refines sexuality and gives it a new quality. This is what a lot of  the persons concerned experince basically. Any time this condition is not sexual anymore, in the way we know our sexuality, but highly sexual, but in a new sense. She writes:

    "The spiritual journey is driven by sex hormones, as the principle drivers to metamorphic alchemy and awakening. The urge to unite with God, and the urge to merge with a beloved runs on the same biological equipment, it is just lived at a different level of expression. Bliss is the energy of transcendence, and when kundalini arises and the Heart opens it feels like a lover."

    However, the medal has two sides. The side of high sexual and later dissociated sexual feelings, but also the side of unwanted and strange sexual feelings and torturous pain. I think RGS is a hyper-stimulation of feelings by this energy.

    In this context let me say, we know exactly that from the ancient hypnosis. If one is led into a deep trance state and the hypnotist suggests for example that the patient is jumping into ice water, the patient will feel it as reality in his life and it is possible that he suffers from a heart attack. That means, in altered states of consciousness human beings experience things, which are not real in the Beta-state during our brain is getting the informations from our senses. The auditive information – now you jump into ice water - is not digested as not realistically, finally the patient is sitting in a warm doctor's office of hypnotherapy. Rather the information takes another way, not from the ears to the brain, but from the thought "ice water" to the feeling of "ice water" then to the autonomous nervous system  and then into the body. In altered states of consciouness the feelings stimulate this nervous system in such a way, that it has a concret effect on the body.

    If there is an activity  like „Kundalini Energy“ the human being always is in an altered state of consciousness. This energy always is active, so the vagus nerve is also active and the  phenomenons are active too.

    I am sure, there is no special reason and no special age when all the possible phenomenons in the whole body are starting. I think, we must have a look at the whole life of the patients, of course at the medical part but also at their way of life. I have read some women are suffering from RGS from their childhood. Why are taking young patients antidepressants? We must have a look at traumata!! Traumata leave big footprints in the brain and with it in the nervous system, at accidents and at circumstances they are living in. We also must have a look at the social surroundings, partners, friends, jobs and other persons in their life. We must have a look at trance states, sometimes they aren't so clear for us as we think. Just watching TV can make problems and force the phenomenons, as a woman in a forum described. There are much more states of consciousness than only waking consciousness, trance and sleep.  Most of all we must have a look
    at stress, at any kind of stress, because it forces the activity of the phenomenons. As more traumatic or stress experiences of the patients, beginning from their birth, as more stressed and damaged is the nervous system and as greater is the danger that the system is activated in a „wrong“ way. We have to take over the knowledge of trauma research because I am sure, the autonomous
    nervous system plays a big role.

    Why is this process often accompanied by such a lot of pain? Jana Dixon wrote, that the vagino-cervicale sensory pathways can produce the absence of pain. That only can mean that the autonomous nervous system is absolutely overloaded and irritated by this energy. The researchers know more about the limbic system and the pain area in the brain, which are lying near together, as I have read.

    I don't know where the area of the bladder is in the brain, but I know the feeling to have to go to the toilet is steered in the brain. So I can tell about my experiences. My bladder is healthy, absolutely healthy. In the bladder of most of the patients there is no disorder too. Sometimes the function of my bladder is as normal as all the years before and sometimes there are days I go to the bathroom very often without great result. Only the press, the feeling is stimulated, but there is no real physically requirement to urinate. In the bladder too is a „phantom feeling“. Nearly all the women in the internet write that there is no disorder in their bladder. So it is the question to the neurologists if also the bladder can be stimulated by the autonomous nervous system too, in the same way like the vagina. I think so.

    There are researchers who know, that this “energy” has a lot to do with attention into the phenomenons. As more attention and focus on the phenomenons, as more altered states of consciousness. Most of the women tell, as more they are focussing on other subjects, as less they feel the phenomenons. It is possible that ”real physical pain” overloads the sexual feelings. A woman told, she had terrible tooth pain. In that moment, when the doctor had stuned the tooth, at once the sexual feelings were back. We are not able to focus permanent on other subjects, we have to relax or to sleep. And these bad feelings are „clever“. Only a very, very little attention into the genital region and they are back. I'm sure, the inner pictures of the patients are more in the genital region than anywhere else.

    Trauma Research

    Last of all let me tell something about the situation of the patients, because I think the sudden start of the Phenomenons is a trauma per se, and the life is a never ending trauma. I think  this point is not clear enough in research. That is why other persons can't have any idea what it means to live with such feelings day after day.
    The sudden development of RGS is a trauma that currently can not be stopped
    1. Because it happens suddenly, the patient is overwhelmed and helpless.
    2. Because the most intimate part of the human body is affected.
    3. Because the patient can't manage the situation. Sexuality brings no result, it makes it worse.
    4. Because there is no possibility of a clear diagnosis, that means there is no clear help,
    5. Because to live with such feelings and pain has nothing to with sexuality but with a kind of torture.
    6. Because often these patients get the diagnosis of psychosis or schizophrenia which makes
        the situation worse because the feelings are real and the patients are psychically healthy.
    7. Because the neurotransmitters are out of order, a typical sign of trauma, "fight or flight" doesn't work anymore. They sit in the snare
    8. Because the possibility of a depression is quite great. As I have read some women have
        committed suicide.
    9. Because their sexual life is disturbed, that means possible problems in their partnerships and their own intimate life.
    I have read two points in the internet which were very interesting for me. On different websites, from physicians too, there is told that women have foreign body sensations in her vagina. I know, I wrote it above but I think this is such an important point that it is good to repeat it. These kinds of sensations are well known in trauma research. Sometimes I have read, it is recommended to take a
    frozen balloon or condoms into the vagina. Often during this time there is no sexual feeling and no pain. These methods are also coming from trauma therapy. In trauma patients, a hyper arousal syndrom of the nervous system is conditioned. So a strong stimulus against it often calms down the nervous situation. That is the reason why sometimes young patients with traumatic experinces cut themselves. We also know from the old psychiatry of the 19th and 20th century using a gush of cold water to calm down the nervous system of patients who lost control of themselves.

    Now my hypothesis is that RGS is conditioned in the patients too because it is a special form of trauma, when this energy activates the autonomous nervous system with its “strange” and until this time not experienced sexuality and pain.  It seems the patients react in the same way as trauma patients. They dissociate (go in altered states of consciousness) and the nervous system has no coping strategy. It is the same situation as in tortured and abused patients, but the accompanied sexuality doesn't show this situation and so we are looking alone for physical disorders.

    So I also have the idea we have to look at traumatic symptoms. Are there dissociations of the body? For example if the patients don't feel one half of their bodies, or if they think their legs are becoming wider and wider. As I know the best, these patients have a no ending stress, the traumatic situation don't pass by and their brain is not able to get rid the terrible experience. For me dissociations and trance states would be normal.  But the patients must learn to observe themselves in a very exact way to recognize when something of these nervous reactions are happening. The famous German trauma researcher, Michaela Huber, says clear, the body is able to dissociate too. Dissociations are not only a mental problem.

    It is a paradox situation. In „normal“ trauma first there is the traumatizing situation (torture, abuse etc.) and then follows a hyper arousal syndrome of the nervous system. In the case of RGS this energy initiates a hyper arousal syndrome and the trauma situation (permanent maltreating sexual feelings and pain) does follow and goes on. Trauma victims have flash backs, people with RGS are living the traumatic situation day after day. That is a form of torture.

    It looks like human beings are able to live sexuality not alone with the central nervous system, but also with the autonomous nervous system. But we are not able to steer the vagus nerve, we are not able to steer the “energetic anatomy”, which produces all these phenomenons over altered states of consciousness. So we are not able to dissolve the traumatic situation.

         Conclusion of some points and some hypothesis

    There is an energy in human beings because they have not only a physical anatomy but also an „energetic anatomy“.

    This energy starts very suddenly without any clear reasons. The main points of the energy seem to be the sacrum in connection to the brain and the vagus nerve.

    This energy powers the nervous system and the brain in altered states of consciousness.

    As deeper the state of consciousness, as stronger are the phenomenons in the body. We know this from hypnosis, especially from the old hypnosis of the 19th century.
    This energy has an effect on the nervous system and especially on the autonomous nervous system, and on this way it is able to produce different feelings in every part of the body.

    Perhaps we can call these feelings "phantome feelings", but they are absolutely real for the human brain and with it for the patients.

    It seems human beings can have sexuality not alone over the central nervous system but  in every part of the body also over the autonomous nervous system. It is possible that human beings have a „second  sexuality“.  

    Because all is happening in altered states of consciousness and in an other nervous system, the feelings are much more intense and painful and often felt as another sexuality as the well known one before.

    It is a great question if these phenomenons are disorders or if they are „phantom feelings“, produced in an altered state of consciousness.

    Also „phantome feelings“ in altered states of consciousness can drive into „real disorders“ as we also know from hypnosis of the 19th csntury.

    Because this energy doesn't stop and the human being has no coping strategy, it is a deep traumatizing situation; the "fight or flight" reaction of the autonomous nervous system doesn't work anymore.

    A permanent traumatizing situation further drives into altered states of consciousness and in possible dissociations of the body and perhaps even of the mind.

    This all has nothing to do with mental disorders but with the unbelievable possibilities of our brain and our nervous system.

    Let me come to the end with a very private view after all the research I have done. The time is more than ripe for the West to start serious research in this best known energy and all her possibilities. In opposite to the East we only have no name for it, and so we put it in the part of mysticism but unfortunately „this serpent“ sometimes produces terrible phenomenons in the East and in the West, we all are human beings. I think, if we want to understand what our body is able to, we urgent need scientific research.

    Today, after seven years of oberservation, I am sure with our thoughts we create our  feelings, the feelings have an effect on the nervous system (may be over the solar plexus) and the nervous system has an effect on the body. We have to start to see human beings as an energetic system with fine and with tight parts (thoughts, emotions and body). That is the reason why we don't find a concret sure diagnosis, and why it makes the understanding of human life more complicated. But nevertheless I'm sure the time is ripe to translate the ancient knowledge into a new scientific language.

    The situation of the patients is simply terrible and the medications we know often don't work or have difficult side effects. No, they can't work because they are conceived for the tight parts of the body and not for its fine ones. We really have no medications to have an effect on the "energetic anatomy". I think we need good breathing techniques, body movement techniques, mental techniques, cranio-sacral therapy, and so on, there was a lot to say. But this all can not happen one hour a week. It is a life process and patients need a lot of substitution.
    From "normal" Kundalini release we know that those people need all-embracing help. Very slowly support and help is growing up. In earlier times those people were sent to the psychiatry, where is the worst place for them.
    For people with RGS or PGAD and other "irritations" in the sexual and anal area we also need special centres with physicians, therapists, psychotherapists, body therapists, body-mind practioners etc. We are not allowed to leave these patients alone or send them home with a pill. We have to talk about disability and care of people who are not able to work anymore. Not everybody is living in a family, and so it has to be looked for that they are able to live a respecful life.
    This world has one more great problem, and I hope that all the researchers can find a way out.

    I have read that alone the closed UK/Ireland Facebook Group for pudendal neuralgia and PGAD has 180 members. So I ask, what is happening on this world that this disorder/phänomenons are growing up in such an excessive way?

    Perhaps RGS and PGAD is a dissociation of our sexuality as we know it from the mental processes of victims of torture and abuse. Perhaps our sexuality is able to dissociate too, as I tried to describe. Perhaps it is so difficult to treat the pain by medications because all this is happening in an other state of consciousness.

    I will send this article to Prof. Waldinger in Den Haag and Dr. Philippson in Hannover, to a Canadian researcher-team from Queen's University who is starting a study of RGS, to the German „rgs.active-forum“, to the Netherland website of  PGAD and to the American „pudendalhope“ Forum.

    I do this because I note that the women and of course men too are looking for help more and more, that there is a lot of helplessness and hopelessness and that the danger of depressions and committing suicide is great. Nobody can imagine what it means to live day after day with such feelings.


                1.  Dr. Lee Sanella, “Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence”

    As I wrote about Kundalini literature, Dr. Sanella writes most of all about the mental phenomenons,
    but in the last chapter Itzhak Bentov describes his measurements, the first experiments to come closer to this energy.

                2.   Bonnie Greenwell, "Energies of Transformation. A Guide to Kundalini Process"

    Dr. Greenwell is a famous American transpersonal therapist and Kundalini expert. In this book she writes a lot about the mysticism but she also writes about first scientific hypothesises what
    Kundalini could be.

                3. Jana Dixon, “Biology of Kundalini” or: http://biologyofkundalini.com

    This is the only book I know which tries to have a new scientific look at what Kundalini is. Of course also here is nothing told about the  phenomenons like RGS, but the author has a look that is more than meditation and enlightenment.

                4. Vasant G. Rele, "Mysterious Kundalini – The Physical Basis of the „kundalini (Hatha)      
                    Yoga“ in Terms of Western Anatomy and Physiology“

    A book that uses the Yoga terms, explains Yoga Philosophy and tries to translate it into the scientific speach of neurology. But it is an old book of the twenties of the last century.

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